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Hello everyone,

There hasnt been much activity here as of late and I do apologize for that and Ill try to do what i can to change that.
On the wings of change, I saw a youtube video of what it would be like if we were in a world where gay was 'normal' and straight was the minority. I thought the idea to be amusing at first, but I didnt expect to be heartbroken and end the video crying like I did. I came out to my parents last year with my ex. I was kicked out of the house and shunned and treated .. inhuman. Seeing this video brought it all back to me and reminded me how much I want to help others to not go through the pain and most of all, the loneliness I had.
I think this video is a good reminder of what we really do face and Id appreciate it if everyone could share this to straight friends. Turning the tables really makes a persons eyes open. And I hope this video can do that and bring us a step closer to equality.


I am a moderator of a chat called Rainbowbordello. If anyone wants to make friends or needs a place to feel secure or want someone to talk to, go there.
Also for many of you who may be going through what the video showed, remember that everything is temporary. It does get better. But most of all, remember this: YOU have to make it better. it doesn't get better on its own magically. YOU need to be strong and rise above it and make it better for yourself.
You can do this.
We can do this.
:star:So its been a few years since anyone has posted in this group and I and a few other contributors are working hard to revamp this group and make it better for all you wonderful members.
Along with more updates soon to come, here are some of the current changes:

:bulletred: There is a new gallery folder!
It is the LGBT theme related folder. What is accepted in this folder? Everything that CLEARLY shows anything relating to the theme of LGBT.
If there is a picture/drawing of a couple you wish to submit, even if its a gay couple, please just submit it into another folder that is appropriate, for example, a digital drawing of two gay guys will be submitted to the digital folder.
Also please note that all literature works, gay related or not, please submit to the literature folder.
This folder is to showcase our pride clearly. If you want an idea of what is accepted in this folder, go check it out!

:bulletorange: There are a few more rules:

- There is to be NO HATE. This means for deviations of people saying "Fuck you homophobics," will be declined. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and its one thing to protest against it, and its another to be offensive and rude.

- We will no longer accept multiple submissions of the same image edited very slightly. For example if there is a drawing of a flag without a background submitted and then the same image of the flag is submitted with a background, we will not accept it. Please just choose your BEST image to submit. We dont want to fill the gallery with what looks to be duplicates.

-Crop your image correctly!
We want your work to look good! If you are taking a picture of your drawing on a desk/against a wall/etc, crop out the background. We want to see only your drawing. With backgrounds, it gets distracting and we cant focus on your work. This rule also applies to the spirals of sketch books, please edit them out!

:bulletyellow: Here is a recap of older rules that still are in effect:

 - No haters of any kind are allowed

   -No porn/ erotic art

  - Art with which cannot be viewed by people under 18 must! be put in the over 18s category or it will not be accepted. This also goes for images/drawings of naked figures, if your people are naked, put them in over 18!

 - All deviations must be submitted into the correct folder or they will not be accepted. Our folders are based upon medium. Digital art goes in the digital art folder.

  -The featured folder will be used for holding art that won in a contest only

:bulletgreen: We are aiming to have a contest for June as it is pride month. We are looking for point donations, people willing to give membership, or people even willing to feature an artist on their journal. Any and all donations/ commitments of any kind would be much appreciated so we have give a prize(s). If nothing else, we will feature the winners on our page.

:bulletblue: We want your input!
Besides art, we want to hear your voice! And we want to support you. If anyone has links to gay friendly/helpful pages, let us know. If there is gay worthy news, share it with us! If there are gay themed groups on DA that want to affiliate with us, let us know! If there are any questions, comments, advice, anything, LET US KNOW. We want to make this group like a phoenix and raise it from the ashes so we want to hear from you.
Hello I've been working on a photo essay project for the LGBT community. I interview different members about their life and the create two images. the first represents how they felt growing up and the second is how they feel about themselves today. Please check out the site at: [link]

if you believe in the project help spread the word

-Parker Austin
Great news everyone! I've finally succeeded in tracking down the LGBTQ book that was started last year. For those of you that are new or just do'nt remember the founder before last start an online book that was hopefully going to be published. The book featured articals from you guys in responce to the chapter being writen. Some of you have been asking about it so now it's my duty to continue it. We are currently one chapter two: How I learned to accept my self but are still accepting entries for chapter one: How I knew What it felt like. Please sent your enteries in a comment or note. Please lable which chapter they are for and what you want to be called or if you want to be annonamous. Otherwise I'll just use your username. Here's a link to the book for those of you who want to see the work in progress.…;

I'll look at the old entries for book covers and decide if we should reopen that contest. I'm really looking foward to (well praying really) lots of participation because this group needs something to do. Also any ideas for future chapters are welcome.  Good luck to you all <3
Lately I've noticed some members submitting mature art in places other than the over 18 folder. PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE if your piece has nudity, a lot of blood, or is otherwise sensitive or not appropriate for our underage members, submit it to the over 18 folder and put a mature tag on it! I have been approving and moving the pieces in question so far, but this takes time and I don't want it to become a problem. I can't speak for any of the other group staff, but if I start seeing this again, the first one from an artist will result in an approval with move and a reminder, after that further mistakes will be denied with a request to resubmit to the correct folder. This is so that we don't get in trouble with dA, and so that we don't get in trouble with someone's parents. The last thing we need is to have one of our young members forbidden from viewing this group because of a misplaced piece! We also don't need to upset any of our more sensitive adult members.

PLEASE try to use the correct folder from now on! If there is a problem with the folder, let one of the staff members know and we will fix it. I'm making sure the folder is active as soon as I finish typing this entry.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Michelle (Kumi-Izumi)
More Journal Entries

Journal Writers

Important stuff

LGBTQAPI support:

It gets better by pixar studios:…

LGBTQAPI support on 'LGBTQlove':…

Support about sexuality on 'Spunout':…

LGB support on 'being gay is ok':

A Few Important Rules:

  • No haters
  • No porn/ erotic art
  • Art with which cannot be viewed by people under 18 must! be put in the over 18s category or it will not be accepted.
  • All deviations must be submitted into the correct folder or they will not be accepted.
  • The featured folder will be used for holding art that won in a contest only

Group Info

Please visit:…
The groups focus is on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, bicurious people, asexuals, questioning, transsexuals, transgenders, queers , people who don't like labels, people who're questioning their sexuality, etc. however this group is very welcome to our straight friends who are great supporters to us and anyone else who wishes to join,although no haters or flamers
this group provides a place for lesbians, gays, transgenders , bisexuals and others
to meet, talk , share art, share ideas, share interests, have a safe place to talk etc.
Our groups chatroom is at the following link:…
please visit it :)
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Apr 3, 2010


Group Focus
Support & Cause

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Our Friend Groups- At the moment these groups will only be displayed if they are pro-LGBT community. No haters, no antis, no negativity. ;)



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If anyone can help a friend of mine It would mean the world to him. Hes gay and has had a terribly hard life and lost everything because of people who took advantage of his kindness and generosity. Please help if you can. If you cant contribute at least spread the word.…
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Thanks for adding me to the group. :)
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Are you guys ok with gay Christians joining?
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Of coarse you are more then welcome to join. we are open to even people that arent of the lgbt community, we are open to everyone but haters. feel more then welcome here. Im sorry my response took a while, i didnt see this message.
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im not a Lesbian......but i still support all gay rights!
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I recently worked my Gay Rights picture into a t-shirt and I would appreciate it if you would slip the link into the end of a journal or next post. I would really appreciate it. I've always wanted to see my message spread and it would be amazing if others had the opportunity to support the cause. Thank you again.
Fruba Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
We dont personalize advertisements of personal art. If you want to share it with our members, submit it to our gallery as work, we'd be happy to accept it there.
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It is already a part of your collection
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Please block this user ~coolboyswagga . He is a homophobic idiot. I get a message
from him where he insulted me without any reason.…
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Sorry I meant

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I heard a few hours ago! :w00t: too bad I had to hide my excitement when I heard but as soon as I was alone I was jumping and down! GAY RIGHTS FTW!!!!!
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Valkaneer Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Professional Writer
I'm straight, but I don't have a problem with gays being gay.

Be happy, live in glitter and glee.

I just have to ask why fashion and giggles are so important in a world of daily horror's, because I have sex, drugs, even spiritual fulfillment going for me and Earth is still a serious, dull, shithole to me...I just can't see how anyone can view it as a lifelong party.

But then I'm not rich, so....
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Oh dammit, I submitted my writing submissions in the wrong folder! Please to fix the mistake >.<
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All of the artwork in this group is so amazing! Keep up the great work everyone.
Please check us out on Facebook!
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Hey lovelies,

I made a page called "I Am Who I Am" on Facebook, so go pop in and give us a like why dontcha? :)

hugs and butterfly kisses,
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I just read a post on the Wipeout Homophobia Facebook page and this is basically what they posted (I can't seem to find the post right now, if I see it again I'll edit).

A guy has a boyfriend in a mental hospital. Guy goes to visit boyfriend. Nurse asks who he is. Guy says, "I'm his partner."

Nurse says, "Oh, like partners-in-crime?"

"No. He's my boyfriend," says the guy. Then the nurse goes nuts and starts screaming at him saying stuff like "that's inapropriate!", etc.... End result? The guy is no longer allowed to see his own boyfriend in the hospital! We are now calling the hospital and telling them that we do not appreciate homophobes in our country, especially in places where they are supposed to HELP people, NOT make them feel worse! I already called twice.

Here's the number! PLEASE CALL THEM! (732) 914-3800.
YSLiao Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
We've gotten an idea to draw up an online gay pride parade, if anyone here is interested in participating? You don't need an account at tumblr to submit, and you can post anonymously! Details in this post: [link]
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